14 schools to feature at the Grahamstown Schools’ Cricket Festival

JANUARY 11, 2017

The Grahamstown Schools’ Cricket Festival is taking place from Tuesday 10th until Friday 13th of January in Grahamstown, where 14 teams from various schools will take part.

The festival will be played on seven different fields divided between Grahamstown’s three flagship schools, Graeme College, Kingswood College and St. Andrews College. Noting, however, that St. Andrews College is not taking part in the festival, but St. Andrews School in Bloemfontein, is in action.

The festival sees six schools’ 1st XI sides from Eastern Province participating, namely: Kingswood College, Graeme College, Muir College, Woodridge College, St. Dominics Priory and Grahamstown Rural XI.

There are two schools from Border featuring (Hudson Park and Cambridge High School); two from Pretoria (Hoerskool Menlopark and St. Albans College); one from Johannesburg (Trinityhouse High School) and the aforementioned St. Andrews School from Bloemfontein. SACS from Cape Town is sending a 1st and 2nd string side to take part in the festival.

Grahamstown Schools’ Cricket Festival fixtures:

Tuesday 10th:

SACS 1st vs. Menlopark (Lower Field, St. Andrews College)

Kingswood vs. St. Andrews School (Gane Field, Kingswood College)

St. Albans vs. Cambridge High (St. Aidans, St. Andrews College)

Wednesday 11th:

SACS 1st vs. Hudson (Lower Field)

Kingswood vs. Menlopark (Gane Field)

Graeme College vs. St. Albans (Somerset Field, Graeme College)

SACS 2nd vs. St. Dominics Priory (Knowling Field, St. Andrews College)

Woodridge vs. St. Andrews School (Knight Field, Kingswood College)

Grahamstown Rural XI vs. Cambridge High (Marais Field, Graeme College)

Muir vs. Trinityhouse High (St. Aidans Field)

Thursday 12th:

SACS 1st vs. St. Andrews School (Lower Field)

Kingswood vs. St. Albans (Gane Field)

Graeme College vs. Trinityhouse High (Somerset Field)

SACS 2nd vs. Cambridge High (Knowling Field)

Grahamstown Rural XI vs. Muir (St. Aidans Field)

Woodridge vs. Menlopark (Knight Field)

Hudson vs. St. Dominics Priory (Marais Field)

Friday 13th:

SACS 1st vs. St. Albans (Lower Field)

Graeme College vs. Cambridge High (Somerset Field)

SACS 2nd vs. Muir (Knowling Field)

Hudson vs. Menlopark (Gane Field)

Woodridge vs. Grahamstown Rural XI (St. Aidans Field)

Trinityhouse High vs. St. Dominics Priory(Knight Field)