Port Elizabeth woman walks in on robber ransacking her Summerstrand home

JANUARY 11, 2017

A man from New Brighton, in Port Elizabeth, is expected in court soon after he was caught in the act ransacking a home in Summerstrand, PE, before being overpowered by the owner and later arrested.

"It is alleged that at about 09:30 this morning, the owner of a house in Gomery Place Summerstrand had surprised an intruder, who was busy packing household items into a bag," said police spokesperson, Colonel Priscilla Naidu.

"The woman screamed and the suspect grabbed her by her arm.

"The 57-year-old woman’s husband, who was in the outbuilding rushed in and confronted the suspect, who was making a hasty exit."

A scuffle ensued between the two men and the complainant succeeded in overpowering the man.

"Police was summoned and the 38-year-old suspect from New Brighton was arrested and detained on a charge of house robbery."