22 days of no blackouts, but Koeberg shutdown increases risk of loadshedding

AUGUST 31, 2015

While Eskom celebrated having not implemented load shedding for 22 consecutive days and announced that the Koeberg Nuclear power station will be offline on Monday, the utility said that the risk of load shedding remains low today, after .

The Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, currently the country's only nuclear power station, has been shut down for maintenance, which will take about three months to carry out.

The shut down of Koeberg, which contributes around 1 800 MW to the grid, means it will lose about half that capacity during the maintenance work - and is expected to increase the risk of load shedding over the next three months.

Government also announced further delays at Medupi, with the coal power station now only expected to fully contribute to the national grid in 2019.

The power station, which was initially expected to cost R80 billion but is now forecast to cost about R154 billion, was supposed to come online in 2015.