26 year-old armed business robber busted in Ngqamakwe while partner flees

FEBRUARY 5, 2016

A 26 year-old man is expected in the Ngqamakwe Magistrate Court on Monday after he was arrested on Thursday by local police for armed business robbery.

"The suspect was with another man when they entered a supermarket at Ngqamakwe Town on Thursday, at about 14:15," said police spokesperson, Capt Jackson  Manatha.

"The 26 year-old suspect is alleged to have pointed the supermarket manager with a firearm while they ordered customers, who were inside the supermarket, to lie down.

"Police were informed of the robbery in progress and they swiftly responded and arrested the 26 year-old, who was found with a pistol that had seven rounds of ammunition. The second suspect managed to escape from the scene."

The suspect has since been charged with business robbery and possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

"The firearm will be sent for ballistic testing to establish if it was not used in the commission of other crimes."