29 year-old Free State man gets 20 years in jail for raping and murdering boy


Free State police on Friday welcomed the hefty sentences handed out to a 29 year-old Bloemfontein man for the rape and murder of a two-year-old boy back in August 2012.

According to the police, on 1 August 2012, Teboho Andrew Majodina raped and murdered the boy in bushes close to the boy's home, where his body was found by a search team, comprised of police and community, with signs of being strangled.

"It’s alleged that the child’s mother left the young boy alone in the house, at about 23:45 and went to a nearby tavern for a drink. When she came back at about 02:00 the young boy was nowhere to be found. She then slept without knowing his whereabouts till the next morning," the police said in the statement.

"It was later confirmed by medical officers that the child was also raped before he was strangled. Investigations continued and they led to the accused who later confessed to have committed the crime." 

The Bloemfontein High court sentenced the accused as follows; in count one of murder, he was sentenced to twenty years in jail and in count two (rape) another twenty years. The sentences are running concurrently.

Police said the sentences were the result of thorough work by the team involved.