32 year-old Dutywa man appears in court for allegedly raping teen


A 32 year-old man arrested for the alleged rape of an 18 year-old girl on Saturday appeared in Dutywa Magistrate Court on Monday, facing two charges of rape and assault.

According to Butterworth Police spokesperson, Captain Jackson Manatha, the suspect allegedly arrived at the homestead of the victim at Fakalahla Locaity, Taleni Village, Dutywa on Sunday 31 July 2016 at about 19:00.

“On his arrival, the suspect requested food, he was given some food and after he finished eating he forced the victim to go to his home while assaulting her,” said Captain Manatha.

He added that, there were two other women in a separate room that heard the victim when she screamed for help. The women tried to rescue the teen but the suspect chased them away with a knife.

“The suspect went home with the victim where it is alleged that he repeatedly raped her. The victim escaped the suspect home the following day, Monday 01 August.

“She was able to identify the suspect and he was later arrested by local police,” said Cpt Manatha.

The case continues.