43-year-old Eastern Cape man gets 25 years behind bars for matricide

FEBRUARY 2, 2015

The Willowvale Regional Court on Monday sentenced 43-year-old Mazizandile Maphanga to 25 years imprisonment for the murder of his biological mother, Eastern Cape police said.

He was convicted on Monday 26 January 2015 by the Willowvale Magistrate Court. This sentence followed after an allegation that the accused came from Johannesburg on 07 July 2009, where he operates a business, to murder his mother at Mtholwana Location, Nqabarha Village, Willowvale.

The deceased (mother) of the accused known as 66-year-old Nophumzile Maphanga sustained multiple stab wounds on her upper body.

She was found in her garden where she was dragged after being stabbed to death.

The case was investigated by the Eastern Cape Police Detective task team based at the Provincial Head Office at Zwelitsha near King William’s Town which cracked the case in 2012.

It was established that the accused stabbed his mother on 07 July 2009 at about 21:00 at her home and later dragged her to her garden.

She was found in her garden by her neighbours the following morning of 08 July 2009. 

Mazizandile Maphanga was convicted of murder and sentenced to undergo 25 years imprisonment.