6 Really amazing things you never knew you could do with your Android phone's camera

JUNE 9, 2016

Most of us will only use our phone cameras for taking pictures and video. But, did you know your Android phone's camera can do much more than that. You can use it as a spy cam, to solve math problems, scan bar codes and much more.

Below is a list of best things that you can do with your android phone camera, that you probably never knew.

1. Solve Math Problems

Did you know by simply taking a photo, you can solve your math problems. Photomath is a amazing android app that can solve math problems from you android camera. You can also see step by step solution. The app is available on the Google Play store.

  Photomath - Camera Calculator- screenshot thumbnail     Photomath - Camera Calculator- screenshot thumbnail     Photomath - Camera Calculator- screenshot thumbnail

2. Translate Foreign Language Text from Camera

Google Translate is very famous app for translating text to another language, but with this app, you can translate text from taking pictures. You can use this feature of you go foreign and you don’t foreign language. You can translate any banners, books, text from this app with the help of your android phone camera.

Google Translate ScreenshotGoogle Translate Screenshot

3. Build a Security Camera or Survelliance Camera

You can also turn your android phone into a spy camera or security camera. IP Webcam can turn your phone camera to spy web cam machine. You can see your camera view to any pc or other android phone.

IP Webcam android Camera

4. Measure your Heart Beat Rate

Measure your Heart Rate from android phone camera, this is possible. This is true my friend you can measure your heart rate from your android phone camera.  Download Heart Beat Rate android app from Google Play Store and measure your heart rate from your android phone camera.

5. Measure Distance and Height

Now you can measure distance and height of any objects from your android phone camera. The Smart Measure camera app measures any person height, distance from your phone , height-width and angle of any building. This is really a one of the amazing things for your android phone camera.

   Smart Measure- screenshot

6. Search Image from Camera (Visual Search)

Google Googles android app is yet another amazing android app,  this app allow you to snap a photo from your camera and use it to perform a search. Now open this app and take pictures of anything, now you get tons of information about your picture. You can also scan qr code and Bar Code from this app.


---article sourced from www.prophethacker.com 

Main image: Cult of Andro