69 year-old Eastern Cape man jailed for killing wife over chicken livers

AUGUST 26, 2016

The Willowvale Regional Magistrates’ Court this week convicted and sentenced 69 year-old, Mabefu Mbundwana, to eight years behind bars for murdering his 66 year-old wife in March at Komkhulu Location, in Mente Village, Willowvale.

According to Willowvale police, the convicted and his wife were from collecting their pension money on the 8th of March when the incident happened.

“It is alleged that they arrived at their home and the convicted demanded that his wife cook chicken livers for him and then he went to bed,” said Captain Jackson Manatha.

Mbundwana later woke up and discovered that the wife had not yet cooked the chicken livers.

In a feat of rage, he took his walking stick and severely assaulted his wife all over the body. 

“His wife later died and Mbundwana was arrested by police,” said Captain Manatha.

The convicted was found guilty on Tuesday.