9 Microsoft Word tricks that will boost your productivity now

JANUARY 26, 2016

You have probably been using Microsoft Word for many years now, but you were not aware of these nine tips or tricks or shortcuts that could help you type faster and more easily - at the end of the day greatly helping you to improve your productivity in Word.

We found these tips and tricks for Microsoft Word that will hopefully help you get things done faster;

  1. To select an entire paragraph make three rapid clicks anywhere in the paragraph.
  2. Ctrl + click selects a sentence. Click anywhere in a sentence while holding the Ctrl key down.
  3. To create a horizontal line type 3 hyphens and then press Enter.
  4.  Ctrl+ makes a word subscript while Ctrl Shift + makes a word superscript.
  5. Pressing backspace while holding down Ctrl deletes the preceding word.
  6. Use the Format painter feature to quickly apply a particular format to a new area.
  7. Typing =rand(8,10) and then pressing Enter will automatically generate random text that you can use for testing the formatting, fonts etc.
  8. To move cursor to the location where it was when you last saved the document press Shift + F5.
  9. Select some text; now when you press Ctrl + Shift + > the font size of the selected text will increase. To decrease the font size, use Ctrl + Shift + <.

Tricks sourced from: techwelkin.com