Afriforum blue / green drop reports shows improvement in EC water

APRIL 21, 2016

Civil rights organisation, Afriforum, has voiced its satisfaction with the quality of drinking and sewage water in the Eastern Cape.

The monitoring of levels, known as blue (drinking water) and green (sewage) drop reports, forms part of the organisation’s #skoonwater initiative, which aims to provide quality drinking water to communities.

“It is important that drinking water and sewage be tested regularly,” Afriforum’s provincial co-ordinator for the Eastern Cape, Thomas van Dalen said

“We want to continuously ensure that South Africans’ constitutional right to access to clear, running water is protected”.

He stated that while the overall levels of drinking and sewage water in the province were acceptable, significant improvements were recorded in the Molteno and Tarkastad areas. Advances in sewage water management were also recorded in the Barkly East area, although high E.coli levels were recorded in Cradock.