AfriForum's Gerber 'an idiot who lost his senses during apartheid': Cllr Naran

FEBRUARY 5, 2015

AfriForum Port Elizabeth’s Vice Chairperson, Kobus Gerber, is “an idiot who lost his senses during apartheid” this is according to an email response from Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Budget And Treasury Committee Chairperson, Cllr Balu Naran.

“Hi you sound like an idiot that has lost part of your senses during apartheid, that is why you are stuck on the past. I would like to see you and your like minded folk to start contributing positively to the new South Africa, wake and smell the coffee,” Cllr Naran writes in an email seen by RNews.

Where it started

Cllr Naran was responding to a statement issued by Gerber in response to an article published in The Herald on Wednesday tilted, ‘Metro’s finance boss vows to put affairs in order’.

“It is interesting reading in this morning's Herald where the NMB Metro's CFO, Mr Trevor Harper, announces that he will turn the tide in the municipality by getting the city's books back in order. It will be great but first things first,” Gerber said.

He said that before Harper can turn the tide in the municipality around, he needs to get rid of corruption and political interference first.

“Once Harper get rid of corrupt Metro officials and politicians, he will be able to allow the administration to focus on turning the tide of the municipalities financial position to get the books in order, not before that, EVER.”

Gerber pointed to Harper saying that the cause of the overspending on the IPTS is a system which is antiquated and that tenders have been called for a new system which will cost the ratepayers R100 million over the next three years.

“Why is this ‘antiquated’ system only responsible for overspending of IPTS funds, and if it is not, why is the other overspending not being reported? This is just another obvious desperate attempt to cover up the mismanagement, corruption and abuse of the IPTS funds of tax and ratepayers money,” Gerber says.

“An item submitted to the Budget and Treasury Committee on the 30 January 2014, and subsequent articles in the Weekend Post and The Herald, state that the overspending was as a result of unplanned and unforeseen expenditure by consultants, substantial increased costs due to additional scope and SMME related issues, spending by other Directorates and finally lack of accurate reconciliation process between the tracking system developed by the IPTS and the Budget and Treasury financial systems.”

Gerber said that if the ‘antiquated’ systems, as stated by Harper, failed to detect the over expenditure then why did the newly developed IPTS tracking system also fail the metro?

“The very system that cost the ratepayer millions in December 2013,” he added.

“All officials responsible for the continued corruption and mismanagement of IPTS funds and the ongoing lies and cover up that is being fed to the public, ratepayers and consumers must be held accountable and criminal charges must be raised against them.

“AfriForum will make sure that that will happen.”

Photo caption: STRONG WORDS... Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Budget And Treasury Committee Chairperson, Cllr Balu Naran.