Algoa Bay ADZ will double number of jobs in local fishing industry

NOVEMBER 12, 2014

The establishment of an Aquaculture Development Zone (ADZ) in Algoa Bay would “translate into a doubling of the current employment opportunities in the local fishing industry”.

The Socio-Economic Impact Assessment for the Algoa Bay ADZ says that there are a number of people living in Algoa Bay who are semi-skilled in the fishing industry and “could be employed by the fish farms and associated activities.

“Even at the low scenario of 1 386 new job opportunities, the contribution towards new employment is quite significant when compared to the five opportunities typically offered by a fishing boat.

“When the additional indirect employment opportunities are taken into consideration, it translates into more than 6 000 opportunities for unemployed people, which could in turn provide for approximately 1 200 families that would otherwise have no income.”

The Socio-Economic Assessment states that there are 243 registered fishing boats in the harbour with an average of five fishermen per boat, giving a total of just over 1 200 fishermen working on the boats.

“An additional 1 386 direct jobs created by the ADZ would therefore translate into a doubling of the current employment opportunities in the local fishing industry.”

The assessment states that the proclamation and development of fish farms have “the potential to bring the private sector, public sector and local communities together in support of mariculture development, empowerment and business participation,” adding that it is a concept that “is not targeted at specific groups but at a broad spectrum of stakeholders”.

It says the community is the core of the intervention and the aim is to stimulate economic development.

Fish farms in Algoa Bay, it states, “have the potential to contribute to the development and upliftment of communities in the Algoa Bay area”.

It adds that the “core competencies and needs of the community” should be determined “to ensure that jobs that originate from the fish farms are offered to the local population”. - metrominutes