Branch and Harris respond to the theme Deep Time: Earth Dialogue at their next exhibition

JUNE 23, 2015

Donve Branch and Anthony Harris will be having their 18th combined exhibition, which will be taking place at the AH Gallery on 51b Cuyler Street, Central in Port Elizabeth on the 26th of June at 5:30pm, where they will respond to the theme “DEEP TIME: Earth Dialogue”

Deep time is the concept of geologic time. The modern philosophical concept was developed in the 18th century by Scottish geologist James Hutton.

Modern science has since established, after a long and complex history of developments, the age of the Earth at around 4.54 billion years.

Branch (Ceramics) uses the centuries old method of pit-firing to achieve evocative markings on her classically thrown pots.

Harris (Painting), in his new series of work, conceptually explores land issues: the concept of geologic time, social geography, political, culture and cultural identity.

As Harris says: “Maps codify mans existence…”

Visit their Facebook page or contact Anthony Harris on 072 379 5933 for more information.


Photo Caption: The work of  Anthony Harris.