Buyers urged to return vehicles after Queenstown dealer busted for car theft

FEBRUARY 26, 2016

The Queenstown Vehicle Identification Service (VIS) Unit is urging motorists, who bought their cars from Kenny (Kayle) Mokoena to return those vehicles to the Queenstown VIS Unit.

"The allegation is that Kenny Mokoena hijacked about 30 vehicles and sold them to various buyers," police spokesperson, Captain Jackson  Manatha, said.

Queenstown VIS Unit investigation has led to the arrest of  Mokoena, aged 29, suspected to be operating as an illegal car trader who has been positively linked to hijacking and selling of suspected stolen motor vehicles.

"He has appeared before the Butterworth Magistrate Court on Tuesday. His case was remanded to Tuesday, 1 March 2016 for further investigation. He remained in custody," said Capt Manatha. 

"Anyone who bought a car from Mr Kenny Mokoena is urged to contact Captain Mntunzima Nyengule of Queenstown VIS Unit at 082 779 7246."