Cosplay goes to Baywest Mall

Cosplay goes to Baywest Mall

Port Elizabeth’s own geek convention Con.ect is happening soon and the event organisers are doing everything they can to bring the fun of geekiness to the people at Baywest Mall.

Con.ect is an event aimed at gamers, cosplayers and fandom lovers in Port Elizabeth and bringing them together and getting them to share their interests among each other. This year marks the third year of the convention, and it will take place at the NMMU Vodacom Indoor Sports Centre over two days on 30-31 July.

With the convention getting closer and closer event co-organiser Janelle Vermaak wants to make sure as much people as possible know about the event and display an active interest in attending. So she has arranged that cosplayers will come to Baywest mall and dress up in cosplay every Saturday before the convention in July, to promote the event.

Promoters stand in front of the Sterkinekor cinema donned in colourful costumes and pose for pictures with passers-by and their children; they also hand out flyers and give more information about Con.ect to interested people.

So should you see any people dressed in strange costumes and colourful outfits, don’t freak out. Feel free to take pictures with them and ask more about the event.

Tickets for the event are available at and a limited amount at the door for a higher price, for more information about Con.ect, check out their Facebook page and official website.