Court to rule on police intervention in Parliament today


A court application brought by the Democratic Alliance (DA) to have section 11 of Parliament’s Powers‚ Privileges and Immunities Act declare unconstitutional, is expected to be tabled in the Western Cape High Court later today.

The act, which allows for the intervention of police at the behest of the speaker during proceedings in the Chamber, was brought before the court shortly after Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members were removed by riot police from the National Assembly for disrupting President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address on February 12th.

“Part of the job of Members of Parliament is to hold the President and other members of the Executive to account‚ and it would be a sad day for our democracy if the presiding officers were allowed to have members arrested and removed from the precinct of Parliament for fulfilling their constitutional responsibility‚ however much the Executive may not like the message or how it is delivered,” DA Federal Chairperson James Selfe told The Times.


CAPTION:  Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members being removed from Parliament during President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address on February 12th.