DA should consider recalling Kouga Mayor over health worries: former Councillor

OCTOBER 11, 2016

The recent news "spreading all over Kouga" about concerns on the health of new Kouga Local Municipality Mayor, Elza van Lingen, has resulted in a number of questions being asked, says a former Councillor. 

"After reading an article where the Democratic Alliance (DA) was informing us, as [the] public, about the health condition of the mayor, I came to a point where I lodge a plea to the DA to release the Mayor from all her official duties as she's not fit to hold public office," said Phumzile Oliphant in a statement

He is a former African National Congress (ANC) Ward Councillor and Portfolio Head of Local Economic Development in the Kouga Local Municipality. 

"I do sympathise with her and wish her to recuperate from the illness. But it needs to be understood that the task and responsibilities entrusted upon the Mayor are enormous and demanding. That office is highly important and needs a person, who's fit and healthy. That person will be expected to be full time in office to perform official duties," said Oliphant. 

"Kouga cannot afford to pay a huge salary to a person who's most of the time not at work we can't allow this even the DA need to be vocal and take a decision on this. 

"Both the Constitution of the Republic, as well as the Municipal Systems & Structures Act, is explicit that a person occupying or to occupy a public office should be fit and proper to avert a situation of taking irrational decisions."