Department of Home Affairs: No more temporary passports from September 1


The Department of Home Affairs will no longer issue temporary passports from September 1. A circular from the DHA states that SA citizens have been refused entry into a number of countries when travelling on temporary passports.

“This has resulted in accusations and claims against the department in cases where citizens are refused entry into particular country despite the department having issued the temporary passport.

“Temporary passports have been abused for corruption purposes and this threat remains, which puts South Africa at risk of its travel documents being unreliable and not trustworthy. Elimination of temporary passports aims to remove this risk,” says the circular.

The DHA added that temporary passports were initially issued as an interim travel document due to longer turn-around times taken to issue a permanent tourist passport.

“This turn-around time has improved drastically rendering issuance of temporary passports redundant,” the DHA said.

Only an Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC) will be issued to an applicant under circumstances of emergency travel purposes.