Directorates Acting on Dogs not on Leashes in Public Spaces

DECEMBER 8, 2014

The Public Health and Safety and Security directorates says that action is being taken against dog owners “not walking their dogs on a leash”.

The directorates were responding to a recommendation on the issue by the Municipal Public Accounts Committee.

The committee recommended that City Manager Mpilo Mbambisa “ensures that all municipal bylaws are strictly enforced”.

This includes those relating to dogs “as dogs that are not kept on leashes on beaches and other public spaces pose a health and safety risk to the public”.

A report to the committee states that any complaints received by the Dog Control Unit regarding stray or dogs not on leashes at parks, beaches or other public places or roads, are acted upon in terms of the relevant legislation.

This is the By-Law relating to the Prevention of Public Nuisances Arising from the Keeping of Animals.

The report adds that all reported stray dogs in public areas are impounded by the Dog Control Unit during office hours, adding that action “is being taken against dog owners not walking their dogs on a leash”.

The report will be considered at its next meeting, which is scheduled for January 19 next year.

Also on the agenda for that meeting is a committee recommendation that more funding should be provided to the project to combat illegal dumping.

Public Health reports that it is awaiting registration through the SAPS of a training programme for community enforcement officers. - MetroMinutes.


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