Duncan Village residents protest after asthma patient dies outside clinic


About 200 angry residents in Duncan Village, East London, on Wednesday demanded that two nurses be fired for negligence after a female patient died outside the local clinic.

“The clinic opens at 7am and nurses arrive at 8am but only start work at 9am. They will attend to three patients and go on a tea break for an hour because they are gossiping,” resident Nyameka Ngwendu told Daily Dispatch.

This after the asthmatic 31-year old Tandazwa Mbalo, accompanied by her mother on Monday was turned away by nurses to die outside Ndende clinic.

“They shouted at me for bringing my daughter so late for such a small problem as an asthma attack.

“They then gave her an oxygen mask, an injection and six tablets that she swallowed on the spot. They then told us to go home,” the distraught mother Ntombizabantu Mbalo.

The mother of two reportedly died outside the clinic shortly after she was discharged as she was too weak and could not walk to catch a taxi back home.

“She said she could no longer breathe and could no longer go on,” said Mbalo.

According to Mbalo, when she and Tandazwa arrived at the clinic just before 4pm, the two nurses on duty were already preparing to go home.

The Eastern Cape Department of Health said they were looking into the matter.