Dutywa traditional healer due in court for allegedly raping granddaughter for years


A 56-year-old Dutywa traditional healer is expected in court on Wednesday after he was arrested by local police on Monday for allegedly raping his 28-year-old granddaughter over several years.

It is alleged that, the rape had been ongoing since June 2013 before the man was finally apprehended.

“The suspect used some tricks by informing the victim that he was going to re-unite her with her husband as they were in separation,” said police spokesperson, Captain Jackson Manatha.

He added that, he called the unsuspecting victim to his house where he told her that he had prepared some traditional herbs and that he was going to cure her.

However, the husband of the victim never came back.

“It is not clear why the victim never reported the crime since 2013 only to be reported in October 2016,” said Captain Manatha.

The suspect will appear before the Dutywa Magistrate's Court on Wednesday facing rape charges.