East London police arrest suspect with drugs hidden in his underpants

JANUARY 22, 2015

East London police say that two of their members on Wednesday arrested a 26-year-old suspect after they found 20 mandrax tablets hidden in his underpants.

Buffalo Flats Police Station members, Constables Jerome Huber and Vaughan Mac Master, were out on patrol at Windy Ridge Road, Buffalo Flats in East London on Wednesday afternoon when they spotted the suspect wandering about aimlessly.

They decided to investigate and during a spot search recovered the mandrax with a street value of R1 600.

They arrested the suspect, seized the drugs as court exhibits. The suspect is detained the suspect at the Buffalo Flats Police Station and is due to appear in the East London Magistrates' Court soon.

Photo caption: Left to right... Constables Constables Jerome Huber and Vaughan Mac Master with their recovery.