Eastern Cape max temperature records dating back to 90s shattered on Tuesday

JANUARY 6, 2016
Eastern Cape max temperature records dating back to 90s shattered on Tuesday

Maximum temperatures recorded across the Eastern Cape on Tuesday surpassed high temperature records that date back to the 90's, data released by the South African Weather Services office in Port Elizabeth on Wednesday revealed.

"Although conditions have cooled down along the coastal regions, the interior is still experiencing hot conditions," said Garth Sampson, the SA Weather Services Client Liaison Officer for the Eastern Cape.

Records since 1990

The following records were reached over the Eastern Cape;

Highest Maximum Temperatures for Tuesday 5 January 2016

  • Cradock                43.8C     Previous record 43.0C  occurred 07/02/1998
  • Queenstown     42.9C     Previous record 41.1C  occurred 07/01/1993
  • Mthatha              42.1C     Previous record 40.8C  occurred 07/02/1998

No Record, yet high temperatures on 5 January 2016

  • Graaf Reinett     40.6C     Previous record 44.0C
  • Fort Beaufort     40.2C     Previous record 44.5C
  • Willowmore       40.5C     Previous record 41.5C
  • Beaufort West  42.9C     Previous record 43.0C

Highest Minimum temperature records for 5 January 2016

  • Uitenhage           23.4C     Previous record 23.0C occurred 29/01/1999
  • Knysna                 23.0C     Previous record 20.0C occurred 26/01/2007
  • Patensie              23.9C     Previous record 23.5C occurred 05/01/1993
  • Cp St Francis       23.5C     Previous record 22.1C occurred 25/01/2007
  • Coega                   23.5C     Previous record 22.3C occurred 26/01/2007
  • Addo                     23.4C     Previous record 22.1C occurred 09/01/2012

General outlook

"Conditions are expected to start cooling with some light rain expected," Sampson said.

"We are expecting some light rain over most of the Eastern Cape (except the northern areas) on Thursday.

"On Friday some light rain can be expected along the coast and eastern half of the province. Much needed thundershowers can be expected in places over the eastern half of the province."