EDTA Wants Feasibility Study on Meat and Poultry Processing Facility in Metro

OCTOBER 21, 2014

Economic Development, Tourism and Agriculture (EDTA) Executive Director Anele Qaba wants the EDTA Committee to support the development of a feasibility study for a meat and poultry processing facility in the metro.

In a report to the committee, he points out that Nelson Mandela Bay is “well positioned” for agro-processing as it borders on the Cacadu/Sarah Baartman regions “which is very strong in both crop and animal production”.

Qaba says that in order for the facility to be viable a number of issues would need to be addressed, including ensuring a sustained supply of livestock and poultry as well as the entire supply chain.

He says that it is possible that the proposed facility could be housed in the existing Fresh Produce Market where only 60% of the space is currently being used, adding that a meat and processing facility could serve to make the existing operation more financially viable as it would add another revenue stream.

He says that the next phase in the process of establish a meat and poultry processing facility will be to issue a request for proposals that he hopes will attract the specialised services of a service provider to carry out the required feasibility study.

The service provider, he says, will be able to advise the municipality on whether to proceed with the project.

A total of R200 000 has been set aside for the study, which, he says, will also look at other similar facilities in this industry. - MetroMinutes.


Photo courtesy of www.microfeeder.com