EFF in the process of replacing entire Eastern Cape structure


Following the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) 6th Ordinary Meeting of the Central Command Team (CCT) over the weekend, the party has resolved to disband its entire Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal structures.

"The CCT resolved that the PCTs and RCTs of KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape should be dissolved and replaced with CCT led interim structures which will rebuild all branches, convene Regional People’s Assemblies only when a minimum of 80% of Wards in the region have launched EFF branches, and subsequently convene a Provincial People’s Assembly constituted by a minimum of 80% of Wards in the Provinces," the party said.

"The EFF Officials and CCT Members will pay specific attention to these provinces to ensure that the EFF produces qualitative outcomes for the upcoming elections."

The CCT also resolved that all Gauteng and North West Regional Command Teams and Provincial Command Teams must go to early Regional People’s Assemblies and Provincial People’s Assemblies respectively.

"These People’s Assemblies must be preceded by Branch People’s and General Assemblies on guidelines that will be adopted by the War Council underpinned by a principle that a region or province can only convene a People’s Assembly when a minimum of 80% of Wards in the region or province have EFF Branches," it said.

"In the remaining provinces, the War Council will communicate with the regions that are expected to go to early Regional People’s Assemblies and will provide guidelines in that regard. All these efforts are aimed at repositioning and strengthening the EFF as a driver of change, the organiser, mobiliser, agitator, and educator for the attainment of economic freedom in our lifetime."

The party also resolved to conduct thorough reviews of elected Councillors "with the aim of re-affirming Councillors whose Wards have performed well, and address the concerns of disciplined members of the EFF about the List processes".

"In this regard, all EFF PR Councillors who come from Wards which have received less than 100 votes will be requested by the CCT to withdraw from Councils and will be replaced by Ward Candidates where the EFF received the most votes. This principle is aimed primarily at awarding those who worked for the organisation tirelessly, and also a avoiding a situation where mediocrity is rewarded."