EP U18 and U16 hockey squads announced

MAY 19, 2016
EP U18 and U16 hockey squads announced

Ahead of the inter-provincial tournament taking place during the winter holiday, the Eastern Province U16 and U18 boys’ hockey squads have been announced.

The respective U16A and U18A squads are as follows:

EP U16A: D. Simons (Pearson), J. Dalton (Pearson), M. Lindoor (Woodridge), C. Schoeman (Woodridge), C. Posthumus (Grey High), S. Phillips (Grey High), S. Grenfell (Grey High), R. King (Grey High), L. Wynford (Grey High), B. McNaughton (Grey High), K. Cooney (Grey High), C. Oliver (Grey High), P. Jarvis (St. Andrews College), A. Makongolo (Kingswood), S. Vaaltyn (Graeme College)

EP U18A: K. Ackermann (Grey High), L. Coombs (Grey High), L. Hobson (St. Andrews College), M. Hofmeyr (Grey High), M. Keevy (Grey High), J. McGillivray (Pearson), S. Ngalo (Pearson), C. Paulsen (Grey High), A. Potgieter (Pearson), J. Potgieter (Pearson), J. Smith (Victoria Park), P. Tharratt (St. Andrews College), A. van Jaarsveld (Pearson), R. Vides (St. Andrews College), C. Wynford (Grey High).