Eskom Warns Electricity Demand To Return To Pre-Festive Season Period

JANUARY 5, 2015

Eskom has warned that electricity demand is expected to drastically increase on Monday to what it was before the festive season – as people start returning to work and businesses open.

The power utility's spokesperson, Andrew Etzinger, says although they conducted a lot of maintenance work last month, it is not enough.

“The level of maintenance that we need to bring our power stations into a state of reliability, it just wasn't possible. We need a lot longer than the few weeks that was given, so we hoping that it has made a difference,” he said.

“We hoping that we will get the little extra power out of that but certainly the grid is going to be under pressure and as we are at the moment, we bringing back a number of generators into service that have been out of service for the past few weeks, so that will be a boost to the system.”

Eskom's warning comes after the Democratic Alliance (DA) said Eskom and Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa should give the country clarity on the current state of South Africa's power supply system. 

The DA's Member of Parliament Natasha Michael says as the year begins, they must explain what the public should expect as the country returns to normal business.