Exclusive interview with Fischer by Design director and designer, Andrea Fischer-Heckroodt

AUGUST 25, 2015

What does Fischer by Design do and how did it come about?

I grew up in the creative industry and dreamt of being an artist, after years of studying art and interior architecture I ventured into an industry of creating life-size artworks which are experienced using one's whole body and senses. I realized there was an opportunity to bring spaces to life, to customize to the user's needs thus creating an emotional impact and memory of the space.


How is it different from the other Interior Architectural offerings in PE?

We focus on the needs and style of the user, be it a space in a private residence, corporate, hospitality or retail.


What does Interior Architecture / Design consist of and how can I incorporate this service into my home?

We look at the existing 'bones' of the structure and create designs based on what the client needs. Functional spaces are often overlooked, this is where we direct our focus and strive to create a harmonious space which can be enjoyed by the user.


What type of person will benefit the most from Fischer by Design?

Anyone, we can design a child's room to a corporate boardroom. If you have a vision we can translate it into a finished space, even if you have no vision, we will extract your design style and create a space to your design trend.


How can I get hold of you for your services?

You can contact Andrea Fischer-Heckroodt on:

Mobile: 072 703 2212

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://fischerbydesign.wix.com/andrea

Also find us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Fischerbydesign?fref=ts