Flights expected to resume as fog lifts at Port Elizabeth International Airport

AUGUST 18, 2015

The Port Elizabeth International Airport has just advised travellers with flights to and from the City that visibility is improving at the airport, which means flights might resume their normal schedules soon.

"We however advise passengers to still be in contact with airlines for updates on their flight, as the weather situation has resulted in delays at other stations," the airport's management said in a statement.

"The airport teams are working hard to ensure our schedules are normalised. We ask for your patience and understanding during this time." 

In the morning, travellers were advised of  low visibility at the airport - which affected air traffic.

On Monday, eight commercial flights in and out of the Port Elizabeth Airport were delayed due to adverse weather conditions, leaving many stranded.

Zandi Makasi of the Port Elizabeth Airport confirmed this saying: “There haven’t been any incoming or outgoing planes this morning due to the rain. We cannot operate.”