For the Love of Paws month by Balance Holistic Therapies a success

SEPTEMBER 22, 2016

From the 1st to the 26th of August, local animal lovers had the chance to participate in a ‘massage-a-thon’ at Balance Holistic Therapies, with the proceeds from the events going to animal charity organisations in Port Elizabeth.

"Participants were urged to bring items to donate in order to get a huge discount on their massage treatments. Items included: pet food, blankets, chew toys or anything the charities are in need of," said Chauné Ruddy, the owner of Balance Holistic Therapies, who organised the event.

She said the campaign was a huge success as they ended with the following tally:

  • Cat litter: 41.8kg;
  • Dry cat food: 47.85kg;
  • Tin cat food: 4.89kg;
  • Dry dog food: 191.25kg;
  • Tin dog food: 55.95kg; and
  • Blankets: 40.

"The charities that benefited from this event included: Animal Anti-Cruelty League, Animal Welfare Society, Cat Care, Domestic Animal Care, Port Elizabeth Animal Rescue, Save-a-Pet & SPCA."

The next For the Love of Paws event will take place during November 2016