Funded vacancies in Fire Department to be filled

DECEMBER 9, 2014

All funded vacancies in the Fire Department will be filled in the current 2014/15 financial year, although this “will not address the understaffing”.

A report to the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) points out that the department is currently in excess of 200 people short “to bring the shifts to a minimum of two per station,” adding that the understaffing will not be addressed in 2014/15 “as a result of insufficient budget”. Statutory overtime, however, has been budgeted for in this financial year.

The MPAC Report also reveals that trials have been done with water-based premix for the filling of potholes but that it did “not withstand the turning movement of heavy vehicles.

MPAC wants Infrastructure and Engineering to undertake a desk top study to establish best practices in other countries with regard to the challenge presented by potholes. - metrominutes


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