George Municipality aware of low water pressure or no water in certain areas

NOVEMBER 30, 2016

The George Municipality on Tuesday said that it was aware of "some case no water being experienced in Blanco, Glen Barrie and Caledon Street".

"The areas get water from one main line. Denneoord is experiencing water pressure issues. Water tankers will be put at strategic spots," said Debra Sauer, Communications Officer at the George Municipality. 

"One tanker will be placed opposite Millie's Superette in Blanco, another on the sportgrounds in Vloed Street and a third tanker on the corner of Arbor and Campersdrift Road."

Denneoord would have water on Tuesday night.

"Civil Engineering services is still working trying to find the problem and it might continue into Wednesday. A fourth tanker will driver through the area to supply water to the residents," said Sauer.

"George Municipality apologizes for the inconvenience. We will keep you updated."