GMSA Employees Unite to Send Water to Drought Stricken Areas

FEBRUARY 15, 2016

Employees at General Motors South Africa (GMSA) recently joined the nationwide campaign to donate water to people living in drought-stricken areas.

When the request to donate water was sent out to employees they immediately took up the challenge to assist.

A total of 1 511 Litres of water were collected, from 1L to 5L bottles. The water was dispatched to the Barkley East and Rhodes in the Eastern Cape.

According to Gishma Johnson, GMSA Corporate Communications Manager, actions like these are often initiated by employees. In this case, employee at the Struandale plant, Rene Mostert, responded to the Operation Hydrate campaign and arranged for transport to deliver the water to the relevant areas. "Our employees subscribe to the company's "We give Back" ethos and are always enthusiastic to react to the call for assistance."

Caption: GMSA employees donated water to people living in drought-stricken areas. Rene Mostert (left) and Vaughn Barry (right) counted the water before loading it on to the truck destined for Barkley East and Rhodes.