Happy Birthday Constanze Mozart: the wife who made a musical genius a legend.


Maria Constanze Mozart was born on the 5th of January, 1762 as Constanze Weber. In 1782, she married the musical composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who, in 1791, passed away at the young age of 35.

However, his widowed spouse would endure to ensure that the voice of Mozart was heard. She organised many memorial concerts in his honour, had ensured the publication of much of his musical work and, with the assistance of others, especially her second husband, George von Nissen, managed to publish a biography of Mozart in 1828. She died in 1842.

Therefore, her efforts to preserve the memory of Mozart can be argued to have assisted greatly in making him what he is today – which is one of the greatest and most-well known musical minds to have ever lived.

As Jane Glover, author of Mozart's Women, said on the Guardian, "his wife made him a success".

Also, keep an eye out for Constanze: Mozart's Beloved by Agnes Selby.


Image courtesy of: www.seilnacht.com