Here is what regulations say about hand luggage for air travellers

FEBRUARY 3, 2015

The Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) on Monday rolled out a campaign at all South African airports to enforce hand luggage regulations.

According to ACSA, airport luggage regulations say that the hand luggage allowance is determined as follows:

  • Economy-class travellers are allowed 1 bag plus 1 slimline laptop bag.
  • Business/ first-class travellers are allowed 2 bags plus 1 slimline laptop bag.
  • Handbags are considered part of a female’s wardrobe and not as hand luggage.

Slimline laptop bags must be of a size and thickness specifically designed to carry a laptop and charger. Other bags that can carry other items such as documents & clothes are not allowed.

No bag should exceed 56cm x 36cm x 23cm (total dimensions of 115cm) or weigh more than 7kg per bag. Bag weight may vary according to airline specifications.

Travellers not complying with these regulations will be referred back to the check-in counters to check in the baggage as hold baggage and additional fees may apply.