Man busted with over R340 000 in counterfeit notes

OCTOBER 24, 2015

A 29-year-old suspect is expected in the Upington Magistrates’ Court on Monday after he was busted with over R340 000 in counterfeit notes. He is being charged for alleged money laundering. 

"It is alleged that on Thursday, police received a complaint that the suspect is attempting to scam someone in Rosedale.

"The same modus operandi was used in Pabalello on 19 October 2015," Northern Cape police said.

"Police immediately followed up on the information and confronted the suspect at a tuck shop. Police questioned the suspect and after searching him, police found tin foil, powder and iodine in his bag."

Police also searched the guesthouse where he was staying.  

"Equipment used in the making of the money was confiscated and counterfeit notes (R100 notes to the value of R197 000 and R200 notes to the value of R150 800) were also seized."

The suspect is also an undocumented person as he could not produce his documentation.