Mango Airlines shelves Port Elizabeth - Cape town route, for now

OCTOBER 12, 2015

Low-cost airline, Mango is ending its Port Elizabeth - Cape town route on Thursday citing too much competition on the route. Its aircraft will then be redeployed to maximize "competitive presence on higher-volume routes".

"At this time the route between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth is overtraded and instead of incurring possible losses, it is more commercially prudent to redeploy our assets at this time," spokesperson Hein Kaiser said in a statement.

Mango said it will also be bulking up flights between Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth.

Those who had already booked their Mango flights for a later date, are being re-accommodated on SA Express.

However, according to Kaiser, the route will eventually return.

"We are withdrawing for now but our code will not disappear forever," he said.

"We are committed to our presence in Port Elizabeth, the gateway to Eastern Cape business and tourism."