Mango to increase frequency of Port Elizabeth flights by up to 150%

OCTOBER 13, 2014

Low-cost airline, Mango, says it plans to increase the frequency of Port Elizabeth flights by up to 150% from this month.

Mango CEO Nico Bezuidenhout says in a statement that since launching the route two years ago “Port Elizabeth has be-come one of our most important routes.

“We have invested substantially in developing our business in Nelson Mandela Bay with growth over time clearly indicating the need for low-cost air lift services to the area.”

Bezuidenhout says that estimates indicate that “volumes of in and outbound traffic will increase substantially as economic development in areas such as Coega continue to inject growth”.

He says leisure travel must also “not be forgotten,” with the Eastern Cape “high on the agenda of both domestic and foreign holidaymakers”.

Bezuidenhout says aviation “also delivers direct and indirect economic benefit to an area.

“The spending Rand from a growth in traveller numbers has a very real impact on the local economy. Simply put, any growth in passenger numbers increases the amount of revenue across hospitality, retail and direct and indirect taxation in the area.

“This in turn drives job creation and growth in local consumption.

“The key to growth in aviation along with its up and downstream benefits is a focus on low-cost travel.

“In South Africa, low-cost airlines have positively stimulated the market on al-most all major routes. - metrominutes