Mayor Jordaan hailed for bringing solutions to North End community


Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Dr Danny Jordaan, received a hero’s welcome by North End residents and was hailed for bringing solutions to an area starved for much needed results.

Addressing a crowd from different racial groups at a building previously occupied by home affairs, Dr Jordaan reaffirmed his unremitting commitment to serve people of all races.

"Poverty knows no colour. When you walk into a shop the price of bread is not more for one racial group and cheaper for another. It is the same for all which means that we must work towards solutions for everybody,” Jordaan said.

Issues raised by the community include exploitation by unscrupulous landlords, inadequate housing, unemployment, drug abuse, crime and homelessness amongst others.

Teams from the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality and other spheres of government will now bring answers for the community when they return.

The fact that all of you came out to this meeting is an indication that you still have hope for a better tomorrow. This is crucial in order for us to work together to build a better Nelson Mandela Bay, Mayor Jordaan added.