MBDA responding to call from City leaders to clean up our neighbourhoods 

OCTOBER 20, 2015

The Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA) and entity of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM) has disposed of more than 70 tons of waste since its Korsten and Schauderville community participation clean-up project – dubbed ‘Cleaning the Hood’ –  kicked off ten weeks ago in August 2015.

Approximately 10 hectares of open land, public and privately owned in these Port Elizabeth suburbs have been spoiled by illegal dumping activities in recent years. The mounting waste has a negative impact on the environment and poses a health risk to residents.

MBDA Planning and Development Manager, Eldrid Uithaler, responsible for the revitalization of the Korsten and Schauderville precinct said “the clean-up campaign of these areas is a response to intensive and informative public participation programs the MBDA has been engaged in. While working on developing a masterplan for the rejuvenation of Schauderville and Korsten, the community indicated to us that waste is an immediate problem. Which is why the agency has prioritised it”.

“In the process, the project has created employment for 31 individuals, mostly youth from Korsten and Schauderville. So the impact of this project is beyond creating clean and healthy public space, but also creating much needed employment. RUR Development Management Solutions has been contracted to clean the areas by removing and responsibly disposing of illegally dumped waste” added Uithaler.

“The clean-up team consists of nine team members and one team leader, along with a project assistant, Xolani Booi, have been deployed to tackle this job. Booi oversees and reports on the teams’ daily performance and is also the truck driver.”

Uithaler said the scheduled daily crackdowns ensured that cleanliness was maintained and the areas strictly monitored.

“The MBDA has plans to integrate all the relevant role players from the City into this project in order to reduce the amount of illegal dumping. Signs warning of heavy fines have been erected on various sites and the Eastern Cape Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism will provide guidance on the legislation and guidelines for its enforcement,” he said.

Residents and stakeholders in the area, including informal and formal businesses, will also be educated about waste disposal.

 “We urge the community to assist us by using the waste disposal facilities available and not dumping illegally. Making sure the city is clean is a mandate of the MBDA - clean, attractive suburbs have a direct and positive impact on tourism, property and attracting shoppers.

“This pilot project is a first for this area and has already shown positive results for the community,” Uithaler said.

Image: Taking back the neighbourhoods: The MBDA team clearing up waste on illegal dumping sites in Korsten and Shauderville hoods.  The project has created employment for 31 individuals, mostly youth from Korsten and Schauderville.