MPs expected to declare Private Interests by end June 2015

MAY 7, 2015

The Joint Committee on Ethics and Members’ Interests has given MPs until 30 June 2015 to declare their financial and other private interests for this year.

The June 30 deadline, according to the Committee, will afford members ample time to familiarise themselves with the requirements of the new Code of Ethical Conduct and Disclosure of Members’ Interests, which was adopted late last year, as well as the new disclosure form for accurate disclosures. 

The Committee added that this deadline will enable them to process all declarations for possible adoption of the Register for Members’ Interests at the beginning of September this year.

The new disclosure form was also approved today with new inclusions such as the need for MPs to declare whether they have any trusts, long-term loans or liabilities. The new form also requires MPs to disclose any contracts they have with public institutions so that the Committee can ensure that an MP with a public contract is only allowed to continue with that particular contract up to its expiry date and that it does not get extended.

Committee members were particularly pleased with the insertion of the preamble of the new form. Committee members said this preamble captures the principles by which MPs must abide, namely; selflessness, integrity, objectivity, openness, honesty and leadership.

The Committee also emphasised that the Code of Ethical Conduct and Disclosure of Members’ Interests is not meant to be punitive but seeks to reinforce positive and good conduct by all MPs.