Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's 2014/15 IDP and Budget review process kicks-off

OCTOBER 1, 2014

The wheels of participatory democracy started to move on Tuesday when the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's 2014/15 IDP and Budget review process started.

The first sessions, spread across different wards within Nelson Mandela Bay, were dedicated to Ward Committees, where the IDP Office officials, led by the political leadership, briefed Ward Committees on the IDP and Budget to be reviewed.

These sessions will be followed by a full-swing IDP and Budget public participation review process that is expected to run from October 9 to 31, 2014. 

This is a legislative process the Municipality is obliged to comply with to ensure that the IDP and Budget are a true reflection of the aspirations of the people.

Part of the meetings that will be hosted by the Municipality, will be sessions with business, labour, NGOs and the religious sector.

Led by the Executive Mayor, Benson Fihla, Mayoral Committee members and Councillors, and accompanied by officials, the IDP and Budget will be presented to the residents. The residents or sectors will then be given an opportunity to contribute, criticise or suggest programmes or projects that can be included in the IDP and Budget.

When all the meetings have been concluded, the IDP Office within the Municipality will consolidate the IDP and Budget documents, which will be inclusive of all the contributions made, to become the final 2014/15 IDP and Budget.

To find out more about the programme for your ward, click here.