Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality 'shocked and saddened' by senseless killing of Red Location Museum security guard

DECEMBER 3, 2014

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality on Wednesday said that it was "shocked and saddened" to hear of the "senseless killing" of  a Metro Security Services (MSS) Security Guard who was shot dead during an apparent attempted robbery at the Red Location Museum during the early hours of  Wednesday morning.

"We have confirmed with the MSS Operations Director, Kaashief Niekerk, that Andile Dingiswayo, a 33-year old security guard employed by MSS - who had been contracted to secure Municipal buildings - was shot dead shortly after 01:00 am, after going outside to do a routine perimeter patrol of Red Location facility," said Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Director of Communications, Roland Williams.

Speaking on behalf of the Municipality, Deputy Executive Mayor, Chippa Ngcolomba, said "this is indeed tragic.  Criminals have taken the life of a young person in his prime who was simply doing his job to protect the assets of the community.  This killing is senseless and it is difficult to come to terms as to why a life was taken."

"We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.  We are in constant communication with Metro Security Services and the Police so that the investigation maybe concluded as soon as possible and the culprits brought to book to face the full might of the law."

According to Niekerk, at approximately 01:00 am the guards on duty inside the Red Location Museum heard a single gunshot coming from an area just outside the main entrance of the Museum.  Aware that a colleague was patrolling in that area, they went to investigate and, sadly, found their colleague in a pool of blood about 50 metres from the entrance, with a single bullet wound through the mouth.

He passed away at the scene.

Niekerk said that the guards had immediately searched the area, but could find no sign on Dingiswayo's attackers.  Dingiswayo still had two cellphones on him, as well as his wallet and radio.

"It is also evident that the perpetrator or perpetrators had chased him as he had visible injuries on his knees.  It seems as if he fell, got up and ran a few metres before the perpetrator/s caught up with him,"  said Niekerk.

Police had been immediately dispatched to the scene and a murder docket has been opened.

"Andile's death has left us all in a state of shock.  He was a hard working and dedicated security guard who has been with us for the past year.  He leaves behind his wife and child and we extent out sincere condolences to his family and friends,"  he said.

Niekerk confirmed that the guards who were on duty during the incident had all been sent for trauma counseling.

Photo caption: Red Location Museum in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, where a Metro Security Services (MSS) Security Guard who was shot dead during an apparent attempted robbery on Wednesday morning