NMB councillors will have to report to speaker on service delivery actions

NOVEMBER 10, 2014

Nelson Mandela Bay councillors will be required to report to Speaker Maria Hermans on a monthly basis as to “how they have made themselves available in communities to serve the needs of communities”.

In addition, in terms of the “Back to Basics” strategy they will be required to report on how many people at community level they have served and “when they last reported back on initiatives of council to an open public meeting in their community/ward”.

Documentation on the “Back to Basics” strategy states that these are “actions for immediate implementation”.

The Speaker, in turn, will have to report to council on a monthly basis the dates of all councilrelated meetings held since the last council meeting as well as a summary of ward committee meetings and how many issues were “brought to the attention of councillors and how these are being addressed”.

On a monthly basis City Manager Mpilo Mbambisa will be required to report to council on “the overall operations of financial management and all reported instances of fraud and corruption, including actions taken”.

In addition, he will have to report on the “ongoing monitoring of all senior manager’s performance agreements,” and “all shortfall in the competence standards of senior managers and what is being done to address such”.

Mbambisa will also be required to support monthly on regular engagements with organised labour as well as “areas of protest and actions taken to address issues, including labour disputes, for the previous month”.

The City Manager will also need to provide a report on infrastructure delivery in the previous month, including how much of the capital budget was spent and “how many electricity outages there were and the average length of time taken to fix them”.

Further, he will have to report on how many sewerage spillages there were “and how long it took to fix them and backlogs in areas like housing, water, sanitation and electricity.

Chief Financial Officer Trevor Harper will have to report on revenue collection and debtor management processes. - metrominutes