No Plans to Increase the Infrastructure Capacity at Motherwell Police Station

NOVEMBER 4, 2014

Police Minister Nathi Nhleko says the South African Police Service (SAPS) has no plans to increase the infrastructure capacity of the Motherwell Police Station.

He told the National Council of Provinces in reply to a written question, however, that during the development of the User Asset Management Plan a need for 60 additional offices had been identified “as a priority at the station.

“The further development of the current infrastructure to accommodate such need will be determined by the availability of funding,” he said.

Nhleko said the number of staff at the station would not be increased in the current and next two financial years because the station was already staffed at 110%, with 228 members against an approved complement of 206.

The Minister also revealed that there had been no increase in the staff establishment of the Eastern Cape since 2012/13 “and it is not envisaged that the fixed establishment will increase in the medium term

Nhleko also told the NCOP that there were no measures in place to replace vehicles with high mileage at Motherwell in the current financial year as the station already had four vehicles more than had been allocated.

He said that currently there were no vehicles that had “already exhausted their economic lifecycle,” adding that of the 52 vehicles at the station, 38 had less than 200 000 kilometres in the clock and 10 less than 300 000 kilometres. - MetroMinutes.


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