No special arrangements made for President Zuma at today's question-answer session

MARCH 11, 2015

There are no special arrangements that have been put into place for President Jacob Zuma when he appears for oral questions in Wednesday’s Parliamentary sitting, Secretary to Parliament Gengezi Mgidlana told the SABC.

There is anticipation that during the sheduled question-and-answer session, the National Assembly might turn into a lively debate as the EFF are expected to demand that the President tells the nation when he will pay back some of the money spent on his private Nkandla homestead.

"We have made preparations in accordance with the normal settings that we normally do, so there are no special arrangements that have been made," says Mgidlana.

President Jacob Zuma's last session in August last year was cut short after the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) insisted to know when the President would pay back a portion of the money spent on upgrades to his Nkandla home.

Secretary to Parliament says parties have agreed to follow the sequences of questions without interruption.

“Well the rules have to be applied accordingly, the parties have agreed to, so that there is an order in the sequence of answering questions,” says Mgidlana.