Northern Areas parents say they will not be burning down schools like in Limpopo


With the frustration at the lack of teachers at some schools in Port Elizabeth’s Northern Areas still lingering on, parents have announced that that they would not resort to burning down local schools in order to get government’s attention.

The announcement comes after angry parents closed down over fifty schools in the area early this year in protest after the Eastern Cape Department of Education failed to allocate them enough teachers.

Some of the parents claimed that their children had said that they had sat in class without teachers for the whole of last week.

Port Elizabeth education district director, Nyathi Nkosi, said many of the schools in the Eastern Cape were under similar situations.

“The department has provided support staff to some schools in the area to try and control the situation, I was not aware how frustrated the residents were,” said Nkosi

He added that a meeting was going to be held in the community, so that the department can hear from the parents.

Northern Areas Education Forum leader, Richard Draai, said despite the frustration at the lack of teachers in the Northern Areas, many parents had agreed against setting local schools on fire.

“Some of the parents and residents feel like the only message the government will understand is if they do what is happening in the Limpopo,” said Draai.

Parents want more than 78 teachers to be appointed to critical posts as well as control over their schools’ budgets.