Off-duty cop in custody after assassination attempt on Deputy Speaker of Eastern Cape Legislature

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

An Eastern Cape policeman is expected to appear in court soon after he attempted to assassinate the Deputy Speaker of the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature.

According to Bulelwa Ganyaza, Media Liaison Officer at the Provincial Legislature, on Friday the Deputy Speaker, Bulelwa Tunyiswa, was travelling from Macibi village, in Mount Coke, to King William’s Town with her family and bodyguards in her official vehicle, when the incident happened.

“Just as she was about to enter the main road all of a sudden a person whom we later learned that he is an off-duty policeman aimed a pistol at the car with an intention to shoot at the occupants of the car,” Tunyiswa said.

“However the driver was able to swing the car and accelerate and the bullet missed the occupant and hit the bumper of the car.”

A criminal case of attempted murder has been registered at the Punzana Police Station and the off-duty police officer has since been arrested.

The motive for the shooting is unknown and we will await the outcome of the police investigation on the matter.

“The Hon. Deputy Speaker of the Legislature is so shocked with the incident and is receiving medical treatment,” Tunyiswa said.

“She hopes that the police will be able to find the reasons for the shooting within a shortest possible time.”