Operation Lockdown: 29 suspects arrested in two days, drugs worth R1 million seized


Integrated large-scale police operations held in Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, Uitenhage and Humansdorp, between mid-night on Sunday and Tuesday morning, under Operation Lockdown, resulted to the successful arrest of 29 suspects.

According to Eastern Cape police, over 250 officers took part in the focused arrest-and-seizure and cordon-and-search operations.

Most of the arrested suspects had been identified before and during intensive investigations - some had warrants out for their arrest.

“R1 million worth of mandrax tablets were seized as well as three firearms and other drugs and exhibits,’’ police said.

Another aspect of the operation involved an integrated police team searching awaiting-trial prisoners at St Albans Prison, just outside Port Elizabeth, where 29 cell phones and other contraband were seized

"We are confident that these operations, during which alleged gang members and a prominent gang leader were arrested, will disrupt gang activities in the focus areas, as intended," said Lieutenant General Gary Kruser, Deputy National Commissioner-National Management Intervention.